'Dansk for sjov'   -   KIDS

Dansk for sjov' is a class where we have joined the two classes previously known as 'De Smaa' and 'Mellemklassen'. We want to make use of the fact that children come to DSDU with a variety of different levels of Danish and English. We see this as a valuable asset that we should make use of. Not only can it be a great tool for the kids to support each other but it can also make the children feel that they contribute something valuable to the class. The general focus in the class is to have fun via games and play whilst using the Danish language as much as possible. The class is a great place for your child to make friends from the Danish community in Melbourne and to expose them to Danish culture. 

The class is run by Sara and Julie  who both have children in the school. 

'Dansk for alvor'  -   KIDS

'Dansk for alvor' (previously called  'De Store')  is aimed at kids with a strong Danish vocabulary.  It is for children that can use their Danish comfortably  in conversation.  We focus on practising oral Danish via games but also by discussing Danish culture and events. The aim is to build on the kids vocabulary through games but also by reading Danish texts and discussing the contents.  In this group we try to sneak in Danish grammar without making it dull.  As for all of our classes we remind you that your child's main Danish learning takes place at home. We aspire to support their learning journey and hope the class to be a gathering place where they can meet other Danish/Australian kids with whom they can have fun 10 Sundays in the year.

The class is run by Marie Klaschka who has nephews in the school. Marie was teaching year 10 students in Denmark before leaving for Melbourne.

'Snakke Dansk'  -   ADULTS

DSDU has a mixed level adult class. Prior knowledge of some level of Danish is needed. The aim of this group is to build on existing Danish skills. The focus of the class is conversational. The class hopes to help the participants furthering their Danish skills. Subject matters are build up around Danish culture and current affairs. 

Danish educated teacher Carsten Nielsen runs this class.