This class is for the earlier school years. Teaching them Danish mainly via a play based entry point. The class also welcomes older children who will still benefit learning Danish in this form. The teacher attempts to speak Danish but acknowledges that repetition in English is often needed for the children. Via games, drawing, reading, writing and singing we hope to keep your young children's attention for our Sunday class. When the child has enough level of Danish to progress to the Mellem Class they will be moved up.

The class is taught by Anne who has children in the school.


This class is aimed at kids that have basic Danish vocabulary, typically kids attending first few years of primary school. The focus is on practising oral Danish and discussing Danish culture and events. We aim to cover the most common words and sentences through verbal interactions and singing. The objective is for the kids to enhance their Danish in a fun playful environment.

Vibeke and Mads share this class as well as the picture space ;) They both have kids attending the school.


Danish for beginners is for non-Danish speaking children from the age of 7 years and up.

The class is taught in English with a special focus on introducing a basic Danish vocabulary and develop an understanding of the Danish culture.

Danish conversations, basic writing and reading out loud exercises, as well as playing games and occasionally watching small movies, all supported by conversations in English between teacher and student, and student and student, creates a fun and engaging environment for the child to learn and advance to “De Store” or “Mellem” klasse.

The class is taught by Jeppe who has a child in the school.


The “De Store” follows on from “Mellem Klasse” and is aimed at older kids with a basic Danish vocabulary. Again the focus is on practising oral Danish and discussing Danish culture and events. The aim is to build on the kids vocabulary through reading Danish texts and discussing the contents.

The class is taught by Marie who has nephews in the school


DSDU has a mixed level adult class. Prior knowledge of some level of Danish is needed. The aim of this group is to build on existing Danish skills. To get the participants to a level where a conversation can be comfortably had. The focus of the class is conversational but the teacher will also include work sheets in the lessons. Subject matters are build up around Danish culture and current affairs. The school provides all material.

This class is run by Sava.